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Women Can’t Play With a Baseball

Is it true that a softball is larger than a baseball because women are not capable of hitting and catching a baseball?

Women generally have smaller hands than men, yet softball is played with a larger ball than baseball.  Am I the only one puzzled by this?

If anything, softball should be played with a ball that is slightly smaller than a baseball.  Go figure.


Those with larger hands play with a smaller ball.  What????

Are women being intentionally handicapped or patronized?

Make Baseball More Profitable

Want to make MLB more interesting?

  1. Move the pitcher’s mound back a foot or 2, or 3.
  2. Shrink the diamond by a yard or so.

This will result in more hits, more runs, more catches.  In short: more action.

This will increase baseball viewership, ratings, earnings, and profits.

Why Soccer will Never be a Prime Time Sport

Watching Grass Grow

For most people soccer is boring to watch because broadcasters are not delivering the action of the game to our living rooms. Watching soccer on TV is about as exciting as watching grass grow because, for the most part, that’s exactly what you’re doing – staring at grass. Soccer has the smallest player size-to-screen ratio of all prime time sports. The TV cameras are zoomed out so far that they capture more grass growing action than soccer action.

Sports player view size comparison

Sports player view size comparison

Where’s the action?

Compare screenshots of soccer to other televised sports; the average on-screen height of the players is drastically less than football, basketball and baseball.  The cameras are panned out so far that the players look like ants and the ball is a mere nearly invisible speck; the action is too hard to see.

Watching soccer on TV is no better than sitting in the worst seat at a soccer stadium; in contrast to football, basketball or baseball where watching on TV is at least equal to the BEST stadium seats.

Soccer will never reach popularity levels enjoyed by other major sports until it can deliver the excitement and action of the game to the living-room

The Solution?

Due to the fast paced, multi-directional nature of the game, Soccer cannot be broadcast like other sports.

Move the Cameras

Like tennis soccer should be filmed from the ends of the field, not from the side.  Cameras should be positioned in the four corners of the field; as in tennis this makes sense due to the movement of the ball.

Zoom In

There is a trade-off between capturing the action and capturing the position of players on the field.  When cameras pan out to capture the entire field it’s at the cost of action and viewership.


Under-Developed Land

This is the Irvine Specturm Center in Irvine California – 75% of the available land is consumed by transportation concerns?

South Coast Plaza Mall, Costa Mesa, CA

South Coast Plaza Mall, Costa Mesa, CA

Here is the Irvine Spectrum Center currently with 75% of it’s land dedicated/consumed/employed/used/occupied??? transportation (parking lots and roads), which
leaves only 30% of the land available for rental space.

South Coast Plaza - Total Available Land

South Coast Plaza – Total Available Land

Here is the Irvine Spectrum Center with 10% of it’s land dedicated to transportation (transit stations), leaving over 70% of the land available for retain and office space rental.
Here is a typical … the Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine Ca. 80% of land use is dedicated to transportation.
Here’s how much it currently holds; and here’s how much it could hold. Land usage potential.
Currently far below it’s potential $/acre.
Here is an image of the Irvine Specturm Center in Irvine California and it’s surrounding land. Of all this “developed” land only 30%….. 70% is
dedicated to transporation purposes (parking lots and streets).

South Coast Plaza Mall - Rentable space

South Coast Plaza Mall – Rentable space

Making lots of money in the green, but none in the red. Losing money in the red.

Retailers Paradise. Hyper-development. Hyper-developed land.
Basically, there is no transporation requirement. Value per sq/ft is basically unlimited. Or the ASDF ratio is very nearly 1. Ratio = Land available / land making money (rental available for rent land)

This (the old way) isn’t developed land. This (the new way) is developed land. Under-development. Under developed land.

Now that!!! is developed land. Hyper-development. Over 84844848 sq/ft of retail/office rental space in 4mill sq ft. That’s a 0.8 % land usage rate.
How “GREEN” can you make the land? Now that is some “GREEN” land!

South Coast Plaza Mall - land use: Rental, Transportation

South Coast Plaza Mall – land use: Rental, Transportation

Land previously used as parking lots is converted into rent-able retail and office space.




Hyper-Developed Land

South Coast Plaza Mall land  under hyper-development

South Coast Plaza Mall land under hyper-development

Customers ride. Stations, track and pylons make up the transportation infrastructure. Maximum land value.


Los Angeles Monorail

The Los Angeles Monorail Network consists of over 440 monorail trains, 830 miles of elevated track and 4,800 employees, servicing the greater Los Angeles area with over 200 stations.  The Los Angeles Monorail carries hundreds of thousands of commuters each day throughout the Los Angeles area.

trans_la007Cruising at speeds up to 45 mph the Los Angeles Monorail whisks people to Los Angeles areas:

  • Hollywood
  • Beverly Hills
  • Universal City
  • Malibu
  • Santa Monica
  • Venice
  • Burbank
  • San Fernando Valley
  • Pasadena
  • Century City
  • South LA
  • Marina Del Rey

Civic Center Stations

The Los Angeles Monorail services the Civic Center district of downtown Los Angeles providing easy access to government offices, buildings, and courthouses.

  • LA City Hall
  • Olvera Street
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall
  • Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
  • Los Angeles Music Center
  • Triforium and Union Station



Los Angeles Monorail at the Dorothy Candler Pavilion




Los Angeles Monorail at LA Civic Center