Gas Engines Ruin Neighborhoods

Most suburban neighborhoods tout beautiful large green lawns, shrubs, trees, etc. Want to know what all that stuff means?

It means the LOUD, INCESSANT, UNENDING ROAR of gas power tools.

In my neighborhood, from early Spring till mid Fall (nearly 7 months a year), every weekend from sun up to sun down you’ll hear the roar of gas engines.  If it isn’t neighbor X with his lawn mower, it’s another with his roto-tiller, or gas-pressure washer, or gas-blower, or gas-edger, etc.

Many of my neighbors throw on their ear protection, start up their mowers and spend the next 20 to 30 minutes creating a commotion that can be heard throughout the entire neighborhood.

It’s a beautiful spring weekend and you want to throw the windows open and let the fresh breeze and sounds of spring in-  FORGET IT!  Beautiful weather brings out the gas power tools in droves.  Keep those windows shut!  Forget about that out-door party.

While your eyes may be feasting on the beautiful green yards, to your ears, you might as well be living on a go-kart track.

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